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Every Wednesday the door is open to play improv. 


We laugh, play, step out of our comfort zone, but also learn to respect our limits, get out of the spiral of thoughts, get into action, give space, take space, reconnect with our childlike self, slip into roles and also recognize that we're much more likely to play roles out there in life.

We create spontaneously from the moment and let our creativity run wild!


Individual tariff: 60.-

3 subscription 160.- (redeemable within 5 weeks)

Konradstrasse 3, 8400 Winterthur


I'm really looking forward to seeing you!

so feel free and walk in!


The difference between a walk in and an improv course is that you can come to the walk in completely unannounced and spontaneously whenever you feel like it. If you like making last-minute decisions, want to be there when you feel like it, and always like meeting new people, this format is just right for you!

If you would like to go deeper into improv, spend 8 weeks in a familiar setting with the same people and grow, learn the art of improv and see it adapted to life, really understand yourself and the art in depth, then come in the 8 week improv course!

You can find all the information you need  

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