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For sensitive, freedom-loving individualists who want to do their thing their way and bravely step out of their comfort zone.
coaching, healing touch, EFT, Reiki, Meditation, Winterthur, Andrea Leutert
What I offer

I offer special support to people who  are sensitive and therefore quickly feel stressed or overwhelmed, as well as people who question social norms and therefore often feel alone or not seen.

I help you to make courageous heart decisions and to live your strength.

We all have parts of ourselves that get lost along the way. I'll help you stop and feel. I will support you to find this   place where you can get your parts back - where you can let go, where you feel what you really want, where you kraMake full new decisions and get your strength back and into expression kommst. 

1:1 coaching 

Online or in the coaching room at Landvogt Waser Strasse 29, 8405 Winterthur, in a place where you feel comfortable

Do you have questions in specific areas of life? Or do you feel in generalstuck in certain places in your life? Do you find it difficult to speak and act on your own truth? 

Together we will set out to recognize your blockages and bring clarity into them so that you feel lighter and closer to yourself. 

In the sessions I support you with meditation exercises from the coaching area. However, everything always as far as it feels consistent and supportive for you. 

"Feel your own truth, speak and act accordingly" is one of my absolute heart topics, so I'm really happy to accompany and support you here on your way to your personal truth.

As a projector in human design, I was given the hand to nhmmmnand clearly see your topics. 

As Libra in my sun  I am always anxious to include all sides and I like to go deep through my Scorpio ascendant and uncover the invisible.

Contact me for individual sessions for individual impulses, or for a longer accompaniment. 



Meetings by phone, zoom, sprightaMessage Whatsapp/Telegram

Everyone has questions about where they are in life or where they are stuck. I personally believe everyone has the answer if you take your timemtlisten closely.

But not everyone finds time to sit down and listen. That's why I'm offering support here. You can describe your questions or situation to me and I will take half an hour to listen and empathize. I let myself (in my Veunderstanding of God). I will share all impressions, pictures, terms and words with you in a whatsapp voice message or audio file. This should serve as a mirror for you, which you can take with you into the silence and check for yourself. 

Everything that resonates with you, take it for yourself, everything that doesn't resonate, throw weG.

healing touch 


Konradstrasse 3 (where the improv courses also take place, you can find pictures in the Imprightoarea on mineHomepage) or in the coaching room at Landvogt Waser Strasse 29, 8405 Winterthur, in a place where you feel comfortable

In this session I let myself be guided intuitively by inner images and words and gently place my hands on your body. You keep the clothes on. Intimate zones are not touched.

You can imagine the healing touch as ifyou are hugged by a loved one. Your nervous system relaxes. I am here andhold the space to yourself so you can let go. 


Note: I am not a doctor and cannot promise healing.

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