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Hello, I'm Ändi, nice that you landed on my website. :-)

Here I would like to give you a little insight into my path.

My personal focus is to experience life in a combination of fun and ease and to find myself in deep conversations and connections the next moment. It fascinates me how we humans function, what our motives are for our actions and how we can bring our power back to ourselves and be fully responsible for ourselves. 

For me it has so much to do with "allowing yourself". Allowing yourself to want something and go for it. According to this principle in life, I keep stretching myself. To open my heart and really listen, to feel what it wants to tell me and to act on it. That's exactly what I want to encourage people to do. I would like to offer the possibility and the space in which the person can feel himself and come into contact with himself and his needs. We all have parts of us that we forgot to live, parts that broke away on our way. My vision is to make you feel, pause, perceive, hold and give you the opportunity to make new powerful decisions. Get your parts back to you. 

I offer support for people who want to go unconventional paths, as well as people who generally want to perceive their inner voice more and want to learn to feel what they individually need. 

A principle I live by and what I want to pass on:



In my work as actress I allow the viewer to dive into another world. 
The impro shows and pieces serve to reflect the different characters in them and to recognize me in certain aspects and thus project this out to the viewer so that he too can find himself again. My strengths are different voice and dialects tooimitate. (See the voice recordings below.)

In my work as an Improv Theater Coach On the one hand, I pass on my knowledge about improvisation, which I gained over 10 years in our improvisation group "die Redaktion" of the 3-year acting training, in researching improvisation on an abstract sensual level in the acting duo Les Madames Papouilles and the courses _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ in Los Angeles and   various further training courses with improv professionals.

Improvisation serves as a mirror of life.  The following things, among others, are researched:  Rhythm, stand by yourself, respond to your counterpart, set focus, status work, spontaneity, creativity, courage, say yes, no saying, being present in the now and gliding from moment to moment, not always agreeing with your inner critic,   learning to trust yourself and your ideas.  I love leading groups and giving them the opportunity for fun, self-discovery, depth and genuine connections with each other. 
We all have this voice in our heads (censor) that is constantly in conversation with us and that we fight against so often. My goal is to show people how to pay attention to them and how to feel whether it is their own voice or that of their parents, society and the expectations of others in general. I offer you help to hear your own voice more and to trust me, to perceive it more in your life and to make it your closest ally. 

In my work as Transformational Coach it is important to me to give people space for self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-development. A place where you can look deep into yourself, relax, where everything is allowed, where you can create something new and make powerful decisions.
Due to my sensitivity, I can recognize things very quickly and get to the point and thus bring my clients into their power. Appropriate questions, meditation that I guide and energywork sessions (healing hands) on the body support this. 

As a Teacher I bring years of teaching experience and pedagogical skills as well as leadership qualities.

And last but not least, a few words about my logo, which the wonderful Tania Weisenbach designed for me: 








YOU AND I. You and I.


And maybe you also discovered little puns with my name :-)

The connection from me to you. from you to me Me and you. ME and WE. 

In the end, my work in improvisation theater and also in transformation coaching is always about:

The connection, getting to know yourself, transforming yourself, relaxing, being completely accepted, having fun, trusting, recognizing yourself.

Take down your mask

(and I do it to)

to feel

to see

to be real


A warm hug,


feel  express   be bold  own

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