Für sensible freiheitsliebende Individualisten, die ihr Ding auf ihre Art und Weise machen wollen und mutig aus ihrer Komfortzone schreiten.
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What I offer:


We all have parts of us that are lost along the way. I help you stop and feel. I will lead you to where you can get your parts back - where you can let go, where you feel what you really want, where you make powerful new decisions and get your strength back.







1: 1 coaching


Online, in the meeting room at Paulstrasse 5 , 8400 Winterthur, in a place where you feel comfortable


Do you have questions in specific areas of life? Or do you generally feel blocked in certain places in your life? Do you find it difficult to speak your own truth and act on it?

Together we set out to recognize your blockages and bring clarity into them, so that you feel lighter and closer to yourself.

In the sessions I will teach you meditation exercises from the coaching area. However, everything is always as far as it feels consistent and supportive for you.


"Feeling your own truth, speaking and acting on it" is one of my absolute heart issues, so I am very happy to accompany and support you on your way to your personal truth.


Contact me for individual sessions for individual impulses, or for a longer accompaniment.




Intuitive guidance :


Meetings by phone, zoom, voice message


Everyone has questions about where they stand in life or where they get stuck. Personally, I believe the answer lies in everyone, if you take the time to listen carefully.

But not everyone can find time to sit down and listen. That's why I'm offering support here. You can describe your questions or situation to me and I will take half an hour to hear and feel myself. I let myself be guided (in my understanding of God). I will share all impressions, pictures, terms and words with you in a whatsapp voice message or audio file. This should serve as a mirror for you, which you can take with you into the silence and check for yourself.

All that resonates with you, take for you, all that does not resonate, throw away.




Intuitive touch:


Meeting room at Paulstrasse 5, 8400 Winterthur


In this session I let myself be guided intuitively by inner images and words and gently place my hands on your body. You keep your clothes on. Intimate zones are not touched.

You can imagine the healing touch as if you were being hugged by a loved one. Your nervous system relaxes in the process. I am here holding the space for you so that you can let go.







EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Meetings by phone, zoom or in the meeting room at Paulstrasse 5 , 8400 Winterthur


Emotional Freedom Technique comes from "energetic psychology". The method is used to alleviate and treat stress and mental disorders by stimulating acupressure points in combination with affirmations.

I support you in your processes and use this tool to guide you to calm, clarity and strength.









All prices: 150 .- / h



I am happy to welcome you in my treatment room at Paulstrasse 5, 8400 Winterthur

right behind the train station or, depending on which, at a zoom meeting online.




Note: I am not a doctor and I cannot make any healing promises.